Utilizing Braylon Edwards: Let’s Get Physical?

While working at my restaurant’s grease trap cleaning in Boston, I started to think about some crazy headlines on our local sports page. On Sunday football, Braylon Edwards had 4 key receptions for a total of 42 yards while playing against the Cleveland Browns. The more important news, however, was that Braylon played the entire game without getting injured. The quarterback looked for Braylon seven times even though many predicted he should have been targeted for at least 10 – 15 snaps. It just makes sense to pass more often to this talented receiver.

Later today, I will be thinking about the play of the other starting wide receiver on the team, Michael Crabtree. Nevertheless, I was very curious to see how the team would use Edwards in today’s match-up. One of his strengths is his ability to catch the ball even though being thoroughly covered by a cornerback. Seems strange that the team does not use him more for short slant patterns. You would think that his size would dictate this type of past pattern more often. Even though this type of passing play was having a lot of success in the past, the team did not focus on this type of passing play.

This Sunday, the Washington Redskins will play the San Francisco 49ers. Either D’Angelo Hall or Josh Wilson will be given the responsibility of covering Edwards. Braylon has the advantage of height and weight on both of them. True, Wilson and Hall are experienced veteran players but will they be able to compete against the physical talents of Edwards. San Francisco remains a positive choice by many because of the offensive abilities of Frank Gore. However, it will be interesting to see if they take advantage of Braylon’s ability to get into the open.