Braylon Edwards Has Message About Supporting Team

Like every other football player, you want to have your fans support win or lose. The fact is, a fan is a shortened version of a fanatic. Therefore, anyone who is a ‘fan’ of a team should stand behind their team no matter what. If the team fails to deliver on their promises, you can be disappointed and showcase it, but you should give them their credit when credit is due.

Braylon Edwards landed in some ‘hot water’ when he criticized fans for not supporting Michigan. He noted that no matter what they do, it is never enough. He simply wanted fans to show more support to their favorite team. After all, the team thrives on fan support. Everything they do is for the team and the fans. Therefore, fans not supporting the team can really get to players and demotivate them. What he was saying is understandable. After all, as a football player, if you are in your home stadium full of opposing fans, you aren’t going to be as motivated as if you have thousands of fans wearing your team’s colors cheering for you.

Braylon Edwards is well known for being fairly outspoken on Twitter. He is constantly tweeting his ‘hot takes’ and his thoughts. Therefore, it is no surprise that he spoke directly to the fans after a Michigan win. He wanted fans to know that they should praise their team when they win no matter who it was against. The message should resonate with a lot of players and fans of the game. After all, in football, fan support is perhaps more important than any other sport. Having good support can give your team a significant advantage on third downs and throughout the entire game. Therefore, he has a very good point and fans should heed his advice.

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